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Freebie #2 ! OD Green SureFire G2 !!!!

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Feb 25, 2003
This cool little OD Green SureFire flashlight is in like new condition (there are a few tiny scratches on the lens). It has less than 10 minutes runtime on the lamp, and will come with the factory SF box. The factory batteries will come included, but I can't guarantee their freshness. So you might need to purchase some new CR123a's.. ;)

So, I am going to give this SureFire Flashlight away. . . . :eek: FOR FREE!!!! :eek: I'll even pick up the shipping.


Cougar, this is NOT spam! Just so you know.. ;)

And since I don't have the money to ship this thing abroad, this free offer is only open to BF members right here in the Lower 48..

First person to say, "I'll take it!" in this thread, gets it..

Thanks for taking a look! And have a Happy Holidays!!!! :cool:
G-2 chimed in firstest!!!! :D

Please email me your mailing address and I'll get it sent right out.. :cool:

Edit: Or you can send me a PM via this board..
Keep your eyes peeled fellerz!

'Cause I am bound to post something else in a day or so. Ya' never know...

Hehehehe! :D
It would be a brother of my yellow one...I'll take it if all others fail.
Should I assume that I`m hallucinating and commit myself to the nearest psych ward before pink dinosaurs start crawling from the walls?
Why? Because you've never seen anyone ever give anything away? :confused:

Heck, I might just blow your mind by doing this again...
I give things away, sometimes, and people wonder what the catch is. Well, there isn't any.
:thumbup: All I can say is that you are outstanding human beings.I haven`t seen much of this in my life.Happy New Year!!!