Fresh from the shop: "the Raptor"

Oct 28, 1998
I have just finishhed this piece and wanted to show it to the "world".

Handle is Amboina and the steel is ATS-34 1/4". grooves and holes are mirropolished by hand, flats are handrubbed to 400 grit and hollows are handrubbed to 800 grit. When I fininish the sheath it will be sharpened on both edges.

Thanks for all the nice replies. I was one tough bugger to grind.....had to handfinish most since the finer grits on the beltgrinder was very hard for me to control. And has bitten me a few times...that point is Dangerous!

here is the working drawing:


and here is a pic of it in my hand (note: it is not finished in this pic):


it measures about 3" from tip to the small hole just behind the edges
Very nice knife Jens, But then again every one of the knives I have seen of yours I have liked very much.

This is sure a departure from your normal styles. I like to see a maker do new things. :)