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Friction Folders


Jul 8, 2006
I was wondering if any of you guys know of a production company that makes friction folders? I would perfer something without a bone or stag handle. I've seen the AG Russel one, but I don't really care for it.
Brian Baker makes a friction folder called the Svord Peasant knife. I think that he's located in New Zealand so I don't know how much shipping is, but I think that it sells for less than $40.
Brian Baker makes a friction folder called the Svord Peasant knife. I think that he's located in New Zealand so I don't know how much shipping is, but I think that it sells for less than $40.

I just bought one of the Svord Peasants, and they are nice knives. I bought mine as part of a group buy (I believe something like 24 or 25 of us ordered together), so mine was less than $30 ($27 IIRC), including the knife, a sheath, my share of shipping to the US, and shipping from the organizer to me. Normally, their airmail shipping is a bit costly, however you may be able to work out a better price for surface mail (that'll take a while to recieve). Normally, the leather sheath costs something like $5. Baker also makes a smaller version of the Peasant, the Gent Peasant, which has a 1 7/8" blade as opposed to a 3".

Various friction folders also show up on eBay and other auction sites as well.
Let's try this on the Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades gang.

Thanks for the link to the New Zealand site, that is what I am looking for. Would any of you guys have a photo of you Svord knives? I found that the photos on the site were lacking. Thanks in advance.
Here's a link to a review following our THR Svord Group-Buy:


Neat little critters. With slow-boat shipping, you should be able to come in under $40 with sheath, depending on currency fluctuation.

There will probably be another THR Group-Buy for the Gent Peasant Folder (little 2" all-metal knives) around Mayish, for Father's Day presents.

Svord also makes the Peasants with exotic materials, including red stag.

I (the poster of that thread over at Spyderco) have been contacting Tony Lopes via a fellow forumite as I don't believe Mr. Lopes speaks much English and despite being a full 50% French I don't speak a lick of the language myself. If you like you could PM me and I could see if the guy have been going through would work a similar deal out with you. I'm currently waiting for a knife of my own design that Tony created for me.
What's a friction folder?
Quite possibly the oldest type of Folder design ever.. Dating back to the times of the Roman Empire at least..


This is one of Mike Wilson's custom built pieces.. It's got O~1 carbon steel an cuts like the dickens.
I know this sort of looks familar but really and truly this model is the latest and greatest I just recieved from my pal custom knifemaker Mike Wilson.. Just got it today,, I swear.. Can you all tell I like Friction Folders in Stag..:D


Nice one Anthony! Now, what's the Whiskey?
Hey Thanks Partner..:D HE,HE,LOL.

It's Scotch of coarse. The good kind, Single Malt Scotch from Scotland.. This one is one that I really enjoy that doesn't break the bank. Its called Speyburn. Its a ten year old that comes from the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands.
Ah, Speyside. Been there, it's beautiful. But I prefer an Islay Single Malt. Bruichladdich 15 year old is my favourite so far. It's the one we used for the toast at our wedding. Slightly peaty (the ladies told me that they didn't like whisky that tastes of earth), and just enough fire that you know what you're enjoying! :D
WOOAH, OK, I will have to try that one. Speyburn has a warm peaty finish as well IMO, but I have never tried any of the Islay single malts. Have got to give that one a go some time soon..