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Dec 2, 2002
Hey all!

I don't post much (not at all for the last 9 months or so) but I feel the need to post this.

A "customer" re-surfaced recently that I think you should know about.

He has ordered a custom knife and now that the blade is finished he has changed specs and/or materials twice now.

More irritating than that (at least to me) is that he has represented himself as a member of the Spec Ops community. A group of folks who need and fully deserve our support. He was unable/unwilling to provide any sort of proof that he was indeed one of Uncle Sam's Finest, but encouraged me to look him up on line...(BIG mistake). This individual did not come up in any of my searches, so, I had a co-worker (a retired army E-6) ask a few folks he knows about this cat.....nada

My co-worker then checked AKO (Army Knowledge Online), and since he had worked in retention, knew how and where to look.... Again, nada.

If you folks get customers representing themselves as MilPers, demand an ID or copy thereof. Even the really spooky ones have an ID stating that they work for Uncle Sam in some capacity... This is critical especially if like myself you offer these folks a discount.

I would post this guy's name but if we all demand proof, that should stop him cold. He will "dance" around that topic and claim that he can't show his ID. He may also have a story about fighting against a medical discharge at the age of 50! Those who really want the name can contact me via e-mail
thanks i too ask fro some sort of ID less i have know who they are for some time
being a marine my self i tend to be able to sort out the bull most the time and i can remember one thing

the posers are just making the real service members look bad

i remeber one guy that told me he was a marine
i asked what MOS he had been
the guy said spec ops

i just disregarded everything he had just got done saing

but the fun stories are the guys that sat behind a desk the time they spent
i can tell you i never heard of such brave people (and the amazing things they have seen)
still good people :thumbup: but funny to hear talkign about how hardcore they are

me im an 03XX
that kinda shi% realy pisses me off. some one claiming to be a hard ass that's never cleaned another mans blood off his hands. (sorry rant off)
doc silas
Man .....what is with these people......Maybe they think the govt doesnt keep records:mad:

Great link OKU
I've been contacted twice now by 'unit commanders' of special ops units who are "too deep to be identified." They offer free evaluation - consultation and sponsorship of products they find of exceptional value. This isn't an issue for me because I don't make anything used as or primarily designed as - a weapon.

Most of the contacts start with the unlikely premise that the commander has a grade three writing level. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the heads up.