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From Big to Little

Troy H

I'm always like this.
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Jan 28, 2005
Sarsquatch CE - New and unused with rare tan handles. Sold!

Rat Trap - New and unused. Lockup is good, but sometimes feels slow. Sold!

Doublecut Assault Shaker - Modified by Bill Siegle - talon hole removed. Heavy user. Comes with pocket kydex made by me. Sold!

Mashed Cat Sheath - Made for Sarsquatch. Comes with large tec-lock. Sold!

Bladetech Mouse-Lite - 440c version. Lightly used, has a couple small spots on blade. $10

Pics up soon...

Thanks for looking!
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Sheath for Sarsquatch and Assault Shaker:
25 bucks on the big ones, 5 on the little.

Sarsquatch is 7/25" L, 3/16" T
Another $25 and $5 dollar drop. :thumbup:

I'm feeling bored and generous. :D
Hi CS,

It seems that I'm not receiving the emails sent through the forums. I need to look into that. Please email me direct at troy /at/ complete180.com . Thanks.

Anyone that sent an email through the forums that is waiting for a reply, please send a follow up email to the address I just listed. As far as I'm aware, I have responded to all inquiries. Thanks!
Hi Bill,

I'm looking it over now. I'll reply shortly. Thanks :thumbup:
Three items sold. Now selling the Sarsquatch sheath seperately! :cool:
Price drops on the Sarsquatch sheath and Mouse. :thumbup:
Hi Pointmanddt,

Please see post #10 above for my email addy. I haven't been receiving any email sent through the BF server.

Hi Pointmanddt, I still haven't received an email from you. Please post here if you are still interested or send an email to me at the addy above.

Price drops. :thumbup:
Interested in your MashedCat Sheath. Does price include CONUS shipping and how much for paypal?