Front pocket or back pocket

Apr 16, 1999
I hope this does not turn into another version of tip up vs tip down because I like a knife in the front with tip up and a knife in the back with tip down but that is my opinion now if somebody could help me spell.
Timmy --

I am not sure about the question from your post but, I'll take a stab at it anyway

I find it difficult to sit down with my knife clippid to my front pocket. I should note that I carry 4" inch folders. I don't find this to be problem in my back pocket and haven't destroyed any seats or shirts yet (the pockets of my blue jeans show some wear).

For front pockets, I find I must put them inside where they generally lay either past the bend in my hip/leg or lay horizontally in the bottom of the pocket.

I have toy'ed with clipping a knife in front to a belt or top of the blue jeans but, have not found a good position for me. At this point I'm considering something along the lines of a Buck 110 in the sheath above my left front pocket. I also should note that with pistol and other things I normally carry, I don't have much pocket space left or accessible locations on belt and/or pockets.

I carry in the front pocket. There was a post in the Spyderco forum about a defective military. Come to find out the knife in question was clipped to the back pocket and the scales got bent as a result of being sat down upon. Here is the link:

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I seem to carry knives in all my pockets. I haven't had any problems sitting on them or anything, but mine are all under 4" blades.

Blades 5-31-99 132PM EDT Believe it or not, for strickly defensive purposes, I like my 5 inch blade big Gunsitewhich is carried in my right back pocket tip upwith no problem. The gunsite,with ouing a dremel to speed it up,is a bit slow but Ill take the trade off with this knife which could enable me to"slash and run!(small sword) . The Cold Steel Scimitar comes in second for me carried in right front pocket. It is fasterthan Gunsite, but not quite the defensive blade that Gunsite has. My Military,Cuda,and big autos, although great knives, arent really in my opinion defensivetype knivesAfcklooks to be a great knife but I have to go with the Mini Sword Gunsite! What do you all think? Ivan
I don't carry mine in a pocket at all. I keep an El Hombre clipped inside the waistline of whatever pants I'm wearing, behind my right hip. It's both natural and convenient for me to reach it there. And if someone were to try robbing me, reaching for my knife would look as though I were reaching for my wallet. That's if they don't just clobber you and take it.
I don't like putting a knife in my back pocket...don't trust the pocket. I clip a blade to the right front pocket, and I often have another regular pocketknife inside the pocket. A medium to 3 and 1/2" bladed knife is generally most comfortable, but if the clip is low, exposing lots of handle, sitting/bending is a pain. I like my clip knives less obvious.
Also, if clipped, a knife in the back pocket is probably lots easier for a sharp-eyed thief to snatch.
If someone is robbing you and gives you the opportunity to take out your own wallet, might I suggest you do so and give it to them? That way bloodshed is likely to be avoided. You can always replace a wallet and its contents, but the effects of a violent encounter will likely last a lifetime, be they mental or physical.

Defensive knives are for situations when an encounter begins violent or unavoidably becomes so. The victim should not be the one who initiates the violence, nor should a lethal weapon ever be used in defense of inanimate objects. These are my opinions, and others may, of course, think differently.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
There was a post in the Spyderco forum
about a defective military. Come to find out the knife in question was clipped to the back pocket and the scales got bent as a result of being sat down upon.

shootist16 -- the post was mine. Just to clarify so as not to give the wrong impression, the Military was not really defective or at fault. I carried it unclipped in my back pocket and sat on it day in and day out. I guess my weighted butt was harder than the flared G-10 scale?
Some of you boys must have some tight fitting pants. I'm a little younger and wear loose fitting denim and shorts where a pocket knife clipped to my right front pocket works well and never gives me any discomfort. And of course I'm not saying you have to be young to where loose fitting pants!
Belt sheaths or dropped (never clipped) into the right front pants of left suitcoat pocket.

Maybe I should change my signature to;

Clips, nasty things.

Sid, where do you clip the knife in your front pocket? I clip mine at the rear and have never had a problem, even when carrying 4" blades. If you clip it near the front - I can see how that might interfere with sitting.

James, why are you against clips? I used to think they were useless, until I actually bought my first "clipped" knife, a few years ago. Now I find them very functional and practical. In fact, I wouldn't leave the house without one clipped to my pocket. Have you had problems with clips?

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
I carry my Axis 710 in my left front pocket (I'm a southpaw) with no problem, and it has a 4" blade. Hooking it to my belt or waistband puts it in a rather uncomfortable spot when I sit. There's no room in my back pocket because of my wallet.
SOLUTION: cargo pants, I got a pair of Dockers Kackies(I know I spelled that wrong) so I can pack a whole ton of knives on me comfortably. Only prob. is, the knives weigh down the pants so I need to get shorter pants so they dont drag around
well I could always carry a CS Vaquero Grande in the front of my pants when I go to the bar, that way I could use a knife and pick up a date
I carry in my front pocket. All under 4" blades.
I have never been able to carry anything in my back pocket including a wallet. Just too damm uncomfortable for me.

Your post raises a question in my mind. I don't claim to be wise enough to answer the question, but I can at least elucidate it.

My understanding of your statement is that if one is threatened with physical violence, one should do whatever is necessary (within some reasonable bounds) to make sure the physical violence does not occur. I believe the courts also share your opinion on this point.

Do you believe, after giving a mugger a successful and non-violent mugging experience, that you share any moral responsibility for the mugger's subsequent actions? What if tomorrow, when he is mugging your 70 year old neighbor, she resists and he kills her?

I can't help but consider the possibility that predators and prey are interdependent. In a society where we make it a policy to reward violent predation, can we really say that it is only the violent predators who are morally unfit?

By the way, I honestly don't know the answers to these questions. But I do wrestle with them.


I think that what Corduroy meant was that if a person felt that their life was threatend then it would be foolish to risk it over a few bucks in your wallet. This is especially true when you are with your family. Say a guy had you at gunpoint and asked for your wallet, would you risk your and your family's well being over it??

As you can probably tell from my indecisive ramblings, I don’t have an answer to your question. Usually I follow my gut and my heart. They’ve kept me alive this far, and I trust my family’s fate also to the “quiet voice within.”