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Frost butterfly knife

Dec 29, 1998
Hi. I've had a Frost Cutlery butterfly knife since the mid 80's. I own other butterfly knives (Benchmade/Jaquar/cheapo's/etc). The quality, and design of the Frost are the best I've ever handled! The thickness of the handles is only 3/8". Does anyone know of any other thin handled quality butterfly knives?
Parker, Parker/Frost, Valor, Taylor. Aside from Benchmade, these are some of the best quality butterfly knives that I have seen. Great action, nice feel, and durable. Damn shame none of them are being made anymore.

Which Frost do you have?

Mine was bought direct from Frost Cutlery. There is no model disignation. It is stamped "Frost Cutlery" with the Eagle, and "surgical steel" It has a small printed (not stamped) "Japan" on the back of the blade. The handles are drilled steel with brass liners. The lock does not interfere with the blade during use (my aggravation with my other butterflys). It has a very smooth action. We need more reasonably priced, quality butterfly knives like this made!