Frost cutlery damascus butterfly knife?


Apr 14, 1999
This is Brian the vacuum guy not V-1 I just don't have computer access. Anyhow I was considering buying th Frost Cutlery Damascus butterfly knife and was wondering if any body ownes one and what they think of it. I don't own a butterfly knife and would probably keep this as more of a decoration, but I still want would like a high quality
butterfly knife that if the **** goes down it will be very functional.

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If your talking about the same Frost cutlery im thinking about, you should steer clear of them. However, a damascus butterfly knife isnt the kind of thing the frost im thinking of would produce. Where are they made? How much do they cost?
I have a feeling you might have gotten FROST mixed up with BEAR MGC - BEAR makes production level damascus blades. I have a review of such blades on my website.. however if you do mean FROST damascus then I would love to get more info of it and maybe even do a review for you.

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I bought a Bear MGC 4" to use as a practice butterfly. I wouldn't trust my life to it, though. The only butterfly I'd do that with is a Benchmade. Fortunately, they are going to be producing a new production Balisong, the BM42 I think, this April. If it was me, I'd wait and get the real thing.

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