Frost Cutlery Police II

Oct 9, 1998
Emanym Ton sent me a Frost Police II knife in trade for my Changbenza. Now I know somebody already reviewed it along with other pieces of trash, but I'll more in depth on this one knife because I didn't get the other 4 pieces of trash with this one. My typing may be horrible, but that is only because I'm typing on one of these horribly stupid iMac's

When I popped this knife out of the box, it was inside a nylon sheath. Not a bad sheath, except for the fact that it had Frost in bright red lettering.

I removed the knife from the nylon sheath and immediately I felt the handles and it felt really cheap. I flicked it open a couple times, and was rather unimpressed with the workmanship. The liner had no ball detent, because it would have costed too much money for them to put one on. This knife is unsafe. After a couple flickings, it loosened up to the point where it was a gravity knife. The blade wobbled horribly up-and-down and side-to-side when locked open. Surprisingly, the lock was actually somewhat strong and it passed a light spine whack test.

Why is it unsafe? Because if you had it in your pocket and you were running, the blade would slide open and spear you in the side of the leg. Not terribly safe. I suggest Frost put on a ball detent in the liner to prevent this. Of course that would make the knife actually cost something (making it a bigger rip-off).

Was the blade sharp out of the box? Yes, it actually was. Sadly, it was sharper than some Benchmades, but the edge was sloppily ground on this one. Sharp, but very sloppy. The tip section of the edge was ground at a different angle, you could clearly see the difference in edge angles. Also, the person who ground the edges was too impatient and overheated the knife, so a large burn mark is noticeable. This is common with about all cheap knives. After stropping it for 10 minutes on a leather pad with white rouge, I got it shaving sharp.

After cutting thin cardboard (30 cuts, each 3 inches deep), the edge was dull. Of course, you could tell that it was dulling after the 12th cut or so. It would start ripping the cardboard slightly.

Of course, edge retention wasn't the main problem with this knife. The stop pin wasn't anchored right. It was being held in by a hole inside the 1/16" thickness liner and little spots inside the cheap plastic handles. Since there was only one liner, it was only anchored securely (not really even securely) at one side. Because the stop pin got pushed back, the blade started to wobble. Also, the pivot loosened up and the knife started to make some serious side to side motions (even more than it did out of the box).

The serrations were horrible. They were dull, and not even well shaped. I don't know why they were put on there! To look mean or something? To play up to someone's warrior boy fantasies or something? Who knows...

Anyways, as the pivot loosened, the pocket clip started some serious wobbling. This knife just has the feel of a piece of trash, and I hope nobody gets hurt when the liner loosens and the knife folds up when it isn't supposed to. I also hope the pivot screw doesn't fall out during flick openings and make the blade fly out and hit someone. How much is this knife worth? You'd have to pay me a large sum of money to carry it. My advice? Save up for a Microtech or a Benchmade. That is what I did.

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GREAT review Chang...... Sorry about the onesided deal on your Changbenza. I didn't want to screw you but you said you'd take the POS. Hope you don't hold it against me.