Frost Cutlery?

Jun 19, 1999
I continually see Frost cutlery for sale on TV, most of it looks pretty bad but I am often tempted to order it. I know their bad but how bad could they be?

Well....they are cheap and thier steel is crap but there are a lot of folks that don't want to spend much for any knife and they tend to migrate towards brands like Frost. You get what you pay for but it is a knife.

Just MHO


There are good knives to be had for not much money. Columbia River Knife and Tool comes to mind in the folder department, though not for bottom dollar. For bottom dollar you don't get decent moving parts.

If you can get along without moving parts, there are some good inexpensive no-frills utility knives made by robots in Sweden in the $10 - $15 range.

For strictly "fantasy" knives to look at ONLY, they look okay. But I don't see any practical using quality in them.
No comment - I'm in enough trouble already!
Frost cutlery is a joke!! You might get 20-30 knives for $100, but they are not worth even 1/2 that. It would be much better to buy one good production knife for what you would waste on the Frost stinkers.

The only thing Frost is good for is weakening the US economy by flooding the knife market with cheap knock-offs made by underpaid, 3rd world, sweat shop slaves!!

I feel better now.