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FS: Chris Reeve Lg. Classic Sebenza w/ Polished Blade

Nov 22, 2005
I have a very near mint Chris Reeve Lg. Classic Sebenza w/ a polished blade. I purchased this one used and its in very good condition. Handle scales show minor carry wear. Polished/Tumbled blade is pretty much mint, this is a special order option and is not stock on normal Sebenzas as I'm sure most of you know. I was going to send this one in for a refurb and have them look at the lockbar. It sticks when in the open position and can be a bit difficult sometimes to unlock. I have adjusted the lockup, it will either will lay all the way to the nonlock side and unlock perfectly or be in the lock up position shown in the pic and stick sometimes. I found another custom knife I'd like so thought I would just go ahead and put this on up for sale as is. CRK can refurb this one and have it looking brand new for very little cash, although the handles and blade do not need it whatsoever! I'm offering this at a low price because in my opinion it needs to be sent in to CRK and have the lock adjusted. The buyer may not feel this way and get a heck of a deal on a lg. classic Sebenza. Thanks for looking. Asking Sold! paypal shipped