FS: LNIB Emerson Commander BT/PE

Jul 16, 2006

LNIB Emerson Commander waved BT/ PLAIN EDGE 2005-
I got this one in a trade and it was reprsented to me as LNIB. Opened once or twice via thumbstud and waved open a few times from the pocket. Never carried out of the house or used in any way. There is a very slight rub to the liner when using the thumbstud, but when using the wave feature it is very smooth. Maybe a slight adjustment to the pivot might remedy it, though I have not tried it. I was edc'ing my 13 so it never saw any pocket time and it was too nice to use so it ended up on the shelf with the good stuff. Still has the like new tight, razor sharp and has a rock solid lock up. If you are looking for one that you can use, this is it! Comes with box albeit a little creased up from shipping.

Price: $125.00 - Shipped USPS Priority w/Signature Confirmation and Insured

Pic available on request. First to post "I'll take it" in this thread gets it via the time stamp, then email for shipping info.

Sale will be within the USA only and payment is made via USPS Money Order ONLY. A non-USPS will be sent back and sale will be void. If we have done business before I will ship forthwith on your honor as a BF member you will send payment forthwith. New buyers I will ship upon reciept of payment. I can only check my email a couple of times a day but I will get back to you. Thank you for looking!

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