Fulcrum S: Some specs needed.

Discussion in 'Extrema Ratio Knives' started by BlackBlade, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. BlackBlade


    Apr 15, 2004
    I have some questions concerning the Extrema Ratio Fulcrum S Testudo:

    Pic taken from www.extremaratio.com

    1. How long are knife and sheath together (Knife is in the sheath.)?
    2. How thick is the handle?
    3. How thick are the handle and the belt loop together?
    4. Which width has the ABS sheath?
    5. Does the knife make any noise by moving into the sheath or better: does it moves at all?
    6. What is the length and the width of the belt loop? Is it possible to change it's length? If yes, how? Is it possible to remove the whole belt loop?
    7. How do you close the leg straps. Via velcro?
    8. What?s the width of the leg straps?
    9. Are the grommets for the leg straps removable?
    10. What?s the purpose of the blade?s cut-out? Is it on both sides?
    11. How well does the serration work in reference to cutting performance and re-sharpening?
    12. How long is the serration and how long is the ?main cutting edge? (The part from the end of the serration until the beginning of the tanto tip.)?
    13. Does someone know if ER is going to produce a Fulcrum without a serration?
    14. Does the Fulcrum have a flatgrind or a hollowgrind? Resulting from this: How stable is the bladetip?
    15. Is the handle screw on a standard Fulcrum S Testudo blank or blackened? Is there the option to chose or do I have to by a blackened one extra?

    Many Thanks!

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