Fun in San francisco...

Oct 3, 1998

I had alot of fun down by Fishermans Wharf yesterday.
0800-I managed to get the three of us (my self, SWMBO, and the mother-in-law, AKA old battle axe, or OBA
) on the right ferry from Vallejo at the wrong time- it dropped us at Pier1 instead of Pier41. Oh, well- my bad.

0930- Breakfast of the gods! A dozen of the most delicious mini sugar/cinnamon donuts in creation- thankfully I remembered to take my cholesterol meds.
1015- Shopping. (Yawn) Let me rephrase that- (Yawn!!!) I new I was only going to be te packmule.
1230- Stopped by We Be Knives at pier39- walked out 45min. later the proud owner of a Spyderco Military, a tool kit for my Gerber Multi-Lock, a small INOX butterfly knife for SWMBO, and a Tuf-Cloth- all for a (to me) very reasonable sum. Looked at the Benchmade Axis- played with the Axis- drooled on the Axis-...
1500- back on ferry (the right one, this time.) for Vallejo.
1630- back in Vallejo, in car, on I80, headed home.
1830- Roseville!!! Home!
1835- order pizza for dinner
1910- Doorbell rings. Answer door to pay for pizza with Military in hand- (oops) delivery boy's eyes now as large as pizza.
1945- Pizza consumed
2005- SWMBO wakes gently snoring me (with a small kick in ribs
) and its bedtime for Bonzo
Yep, I sure had fun!!!

P.S. My travel companions were the CF Dragonfly and the Mission MPU in small of back. Let me tell you, the MPU just dissappears under a flannel shirt and you forget it is there.
Owner of We Be Knives almost drooled on my CF Dragonfly- said he tried ordring one (from Syderco, IIRC) but couldn't as they were all out.

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Glad you had a good time in the city....
I miss living there, always something to do, somewhere to go.

Sounds like the shop I remember, course when I went, it was closed, doom on me.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!