Fun with miniatures: mini hatchet and fireman's axe

Apr 18, 2007
I like making miniatures for a challenge- usually they are knives, but I decided to change it up this time! They may not be very practical, but I think they're cool anyway:D


Both of the heads are made from 1/4" thick 440C, and the handles are G-10. The hatchet is convex ground with a slightly rounded, flat striking area on the back of the head and a satin finish. The axe is based on the classic "fireman's axe" pattern- it is convexed both towards the blade and spike, and has a semi- mirror finish.

Although these are display pieces, they are still sharp- I convexed the blades to a zero edge and buffed them, and the spike has a nice point. The handles were fitted by hand and then epoxied into place. My maker's mark is scrimshawed into the handles and filled in with enamel paint.

Thanks for looking!
Thanks everyone! The 256MB card is indeed old-I got it years ago w/ my first digital camera, only holds about 60 good pics.