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Funayuki - 126mm - Sold! - Thanks Guys!

Discussion in 'Mitchell Custom Knives' started by Mitchell Knives, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Mitchell Knives

    Mitchell Knives Knifemaker Moderator

    May 21, 2000
    This funayuki is a very thin and highly efficient slicer, and a great overall size for general kitchen use!

    The blade is constructed of 1095 steel hardened to 62 HRC. I performed all heat treating operations.

    The handle is constructed from textured black G10 with a white liner; what I refer to as my "tuxedo" style handle. The contouring of the handle almost gives it a racing strip effect. This knife has a modified Japanese octagon style handle that is very comfortable. It's very grippy, and is secured with flared tubing and epoxy.

    The blade features a full height "plungeless" flat grind and a fine hand rubbed satin finish. This is my preferred grind for most kitchen knives due to performance and aesthetics. This is an amazing cutter!

    The blade was ground to about .005" prior to sharpening. This allows for a thin, yet durable edge that is optimized for cutting.

    The blade is 1.66" tall at the heel. The blade is .064" thick at the spine just above the scales and about .025" thick a half inch from the tip.

    This is a great all around kitchen knife for amateur or professional chef alike!

    - 1095
    - 62 HRC
    - Extremely lightweight
    - Hand Rubbed Finish
    - White/Black Tuxedo G10 handles
    - .064" at the spine
    - Full height "plungeless" flat grind
    - Tapered tang
    - Just over 9.6" OAL, Actual cutting edge of about 5" (126mm)
    - Razor Sharp

    Sold! - Thanks Guys!

    This price includes shipping and all fees.

    PayPal or money order preferred.

    PayPal Address:

    [email protected]

    Thanks for looking! :)







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