Funny knife stories.

Mar 18, 1999
Have you ever needed to cut something at work, and flipped open your Civilian? I didn't know people's eyes could get that big! Or feel a blade for sharpness with your thumb, and watch people cringe? The non-knife public are such funny folks!
Pulling a butterfly knife out of your sleeve has an effect on some people, too, but I'd like to see how the sheeple react to seeing Jim March pull the Outsider out of nowhere....

Come to think of it, I've got a 15" (38cm) (blade) bolo that needs a better sheath. I ought to make a Dundee rig for it just for fun.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I pulled out my REKAT Pocket Hobbit at work the other day at work and a few people took a step back and one guy laughed and asked me what I had used it for in the last 24 hours.
I laughed and said that I opened some mail with it! I am glad that my employer does'nt have a problem with knives in the workplace! Everyday somebody asks me what the knife of the day is because I normally have a diferent one on me. I become very popular when someone needs a knife too!
Cougar; I can tell you exactly what would happen to any 'sheeple' who witnessed Jim March deploy his Outsider. I know a lot about the Outsider, and know Jim, having met him at KN'98.

Despite the above, when Jim, giving advance warning, pulled that Klingon short sword out, I nearly lost sphincter control. I am happy I didn't, as Jim and I were visiting the hospitable Ralf and his charming wife, Kazuko. I am not sure I could have tolerated the shame. I must admit, that while Ralf and Kazuko stayed outwardly composed, they did not approach Jim while he had that blade in his hand, and there was much nervous laughter.

When Jim later deployed his handmade double Vaquero Grande, I did start to dive off the balcony. It was about 20 feet to the ground, but at the time, it seemed the logical thing to do. Fortunately, Jim's good humor and mild manners kept me on terra firma.

Much as I like Jim, I think there should be SOME limits on the types of blades a Sasquatch (or a Klingon/wookie hybrid; none of us are really quite sure) can own.