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Future plans?

Dec 9, 2000
So, what's next for OE? The company has a smallish following of loyal buyers and is become known for having a great quality record and at a lower price than companies with a worse quality record. I would love to see more custom collaborations, and I'd love to see a big paragee. What is the next project in the works from edge tech?
I too would love a larger Paragee. 3.5" blade for me, please.
But, David just said that isn't on the drawing board.

Even if the G-Force is down, a good necker would be great. Mayne something more on the order of the ArcLite in size, rather than real small. Maybe something like the TOPS Wolf Pup, in a lighter guage steel, and with pretty flat scales. The WP is a real handful, but great.

How about a smaller Magna, converted to frame lock?

Damn! Wish I could remember what/where it was. Just saw a great looking folder by a relatively unknown maker yesterday. Very sharp looking, but utilitarian. Have to check SHop Talk or Custom forum.

Edit: Found it! It is a new folder lifter4him bought from Gene Osborne. Here's a link:

Haven't seen a lot of Gene's work, but everything I've seen was top notch in terms of design, fit/finish. If I recall, his prices aren't out of this world either.
Thanks for all the input and I agree with several of these new product ideas. As far as a large Paragee, we have not had enough positive sales response on the original to warrant the larger version. I agree fully a 3.5-3.7" Paragee would be awesome.

On the frame-lock Magna, we also had this on the drawing board but could not come up with a hole-slot pattern that gave this knife enough excitement. Kit's model 4 design has such a clean-classic profile it just didn't look right in a frame lock. Several months before the EDC was released I developed a slot pattern for the 3" Magna very similar to the pattern that ended up on the EDC. Once the EDC hit the market it further reduced my interest to proceed with this pattern.

I am very happy with the quality result we have achieved on our Edge-Tech series as well as the responses from customers and BF members. Unfortunately the comercial success on our folding knives has been less than expected. From a marketing standpoint there are just too many quality folding/tactical knives available. Thus, breaking into this market has been more challenging than expected. Although we have no plans to develop new folders in the short term it does not count out this possibilty in the future. Our curent new products focus is on our core market of hunting and outdoor cutlery. We have three exciting new hunting products slated for January 2002 release.

Again we thank you for comments and all your continued support.
Thanks for the update, David. I'm really sorry to hear that no future folders are being planned at this point. I am so pleased with my 3 Edge Tech knives it sort of seems impossible that they weren't big sellers. Guess I feel that the most about the Impulse. It is so far out in front of almost all competitors style-wise it is ridiculous. And, it is a solid, utilitarian knife to boot, a real quality item. And, perhaps most importantly, all the knives are at a terrific price point, where they deliver extreme bang for the buck.

Well, they say you can't make a horse drink. Guess maybe that is what happened here. It is frustrating when you read so many posts about BM and EK knives with serious quality problems. The EK fans are so hyped about something I don't understand, they seem to genuinely believe that any knife is going to need work, perhaps return to the factory for adjustment when purchased, and yet believe the knives are the best. It makes no sense to me at all.

Well, it was a good effort, and I'm better off for it.