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FYI Regarding Wicked Woo

Apr 18, 1999
I have read so many favorable articles about Wicked Knives' Woo I decided to order one. I called Wicked Knives this morning and had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Livesay. Mr. Livesay told me it would take about 30 days to get my knife because a slight design change was in the works. The new Woos will feature a serated section on the blade spine near the juncture of the blade and grip. This should provide better thumb purchase Mr. Livesay explained. That's all for now folks.
I have the older Woo and I added serrations on the back of the knife and in the finger groove. I sent pics to Newt about a week ago and here is the response I got back.
Joel IV;
Thanks for the note. I apologize for the delay in geting back to you.
Strange that you sent the photos with the serrations on it. We have
been filing serrations in a number of the WOO and LP knives by hand for
one of our dealers in California. He loves the serration on those two
knives, and the NRGS also. We had decided some time ago that when we
"lasered" the next batch of knives that we would "LASER-CUT" the
serrations directly into the new knives. We wont be cutting the
serrations into the finger groove however. thanks for the comments, and
I guess that great minds think the same. :)
Best Regards;

Newt is a great knifemaker, fine businessman, and all around gentleman.