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G-10 Harpy, I need info.

i ordered this knife, and would like to know, will the screws holding the clip in strip if i take them out, and also, doesn't this model have a pivot pin that you can adjust, can this knife be tooken apart.

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Hi Rage,

I have had my G10 Harpy about 2 weeks now and use it every day, No you can't take this apart, there is a throng hole in the end that is swedged out so it's like a pin, just above that is a peaned over pin, then the lock release, the a screw and then the pivot which I haven't had to loosen, it is a screw of some sort, not a pin, the clip is black and held by three screws that go into the metal liner, so it shouldn't strip out. This is my user knife, the curve of the blade is great for getting into tight spots and rocking back to cut through stuff, like a tie wrap on a bundle of cables, a regular knife might cut into adjacent wires but the Harpy tucks in and cuts up and out..

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Spyderco said they might be coming out with a new style of sharpener geared for the larger and smaller serrations, can't wait for that, it'll make sharpening these much neater!

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can someone please give me a review of this knife, is the pivot pin adjustable.