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G10 vs Aluminum

Apr 1, 2001
I've never really used a g10 handled knife before. I've seen them and handled them, and they left me with a "not so durable" feeling, kinda of like they would splinter or crack easily. Are they really tougher than aluminum? The aluminum just seems to be more solid to me. Opinions?
G-10 is very tough and durable and does not get cold to the touch like aluminum. It also does not scratch like aluminum.
G-10 is almost as close as you can get to indestructible. I prefer it over Al, if you're not sure why, drop both on the sidewalk and see which one shows it. No matter what I do to my G-10 knives, they still look the same. I regularly strike matches on them. Anodized Al scratches, gets hot and cold, wears smooth, dents; G-10 will do none of those. The first time I handled G-10 I wasn't impressed either. And it's intuitive to trust metal over anything else for strength. But I've come to appreciate G-10 and the only time I'd prefer something else over it is for a dress knife.
I also prefer G10 for the points mentioned above. It's lighter, too. I don't mind aluminum, though. The aluminum Benchmade 720 remains one of my favorites.