G10 vs. Carbon Fiber in Tactical Folders

Mar 6, 1999
Can anyone provide the following Information?

1. Describe the manufacturing process of G10 vs. carbon Fiber.

2. Pros & cons of G10.

3. Pros & cons of CF

3. Direct comparison by attributes / properties of G10 vs. CF. as used for scales.


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Well, I'm not an expert, but since nobody took the ball so far I'll give it a shot.

Carbon fiber and G10/11 share basically the same manufacturing process. Woven sheats of material are embedded in resin. These sheats are made of carbon fibers or glass fibers in case of G10/11. How they get embedded (high temperatures, pressure) is beyond my knowledge. The properties of the finished product depend on the properties of the components, meaning carbon fiber should be stronger than G10/G11, but it also depends on what kind of resin or manufacturing process is used.

The disadvantage of both is they are not easy to work with. Cutting or grinding will set the hazardous fibers free and you need special protective gear. The fibers can also come loose when the finished product gets damaged, but it is possible to repair carbon fiber (don't know about G10/11).

I know G10/11 can be bead blasted, which I haven't seen for carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is probably more expensive than G10/11.

From a knife user point of view there is no doubt in my mind that G-10 is much better handle/scales material than most CF I have seen in kvives. CF is slippery when your hands are sweating or wet while G-10 is usually textured and provide you with a firm grip. Models I have inspected:


Spyderco: Military, police
Benchmade: AFCK, Stryker

Carbon Fiber:

Sog: JetEdge (yackkkk!!!!)
Spyderco: Police(prototype), Cricket

That's my 2 cents