gadget belt or fanny pack?

Dec 9, 2000
I'm looking for a small pack of somekind that can hold a small notepad, mini-maglite, keys, a small fixed blade, a leatherman tool, a mini-roll of duct tape, some 550 cord, and other essentials of day to day life, while looking sufficiently tactical that it can't be called a purse :)
I know any cheap fanny pack can do this, but I'm looking for something with compartments, and well built. I like the JSP urban survival kit, but it's about 10 times what I want to spend on this project.

Thanks in advance,
About 2 weeks ago I started a thread in this forum on a very similar topic. Look for the thread titled " Small belt pouch for minimag, leatherman, etc ". There were some good sugestions that might work for you.
check out major surplus(.com)
i bought a french gas mask bag to use as a survival kit and got a little more bag than i wanted but it is big enough that i keep a cs thrower (my back up utilty knife in in it )
it has two fairly nice side pockets and a small pocket in the top, i keep my compass and fire starter there the main pocket is divivded and has
smaller pockets that are good for pens or a small

it has a shoulder strap and will fit a GI issue web belt and doesnt look to girlyish
Okay, how about...

They're well made, made locally- some really neat items there...I think the 'clam' wallets are pretty cool-looking...I also feel that the makers think like we do- I saw a photon clipped on the carabiner of one of the wallets; you'll also notice various Leatherman models displayed on the 'inside view' of the wallets.
I saw these once when the wife and I were in New Paltz N.Y. (the factory is in a town nearby)- very well made, and lotsa nice pockets.
Of course, we were in New Paltz for my birthday- going to the Gilded Otter Brewery and Restaurant - I highly recommend visiting this beautiful restaurant. We bought a couple bottles of the house lagers to bring back home- only wish I brought one of those wallets as well!!
I have one of their Liberty pouches and really like it. Given what you want to carry, you might want to look at one of the larger models.

Currently I carry a Yak Pac small courrier bag that holds most of my stuff. It looks good, is well made and doesn't scream "man bag" or make you look like too geeky.

Good luck in your search.

Check out Mountainsmith butt-packs. They're super high quality, with a number of tie-down points that can be very useful, especially when you want to carry something bulky like a jacket. They also come with a shoulder strap, for when you don't want a case of "bustle-butt." And they don't look too dorky, which definitely matters to me, at least. :)