Game Wardens Redux

just got payment, and boxed her out, should go out tomorrow-
anyone else want to get shipped tomorrow, just tell me what you want!
I want a SHBM user and a Satin MS with black paper slabs also a user.

I do not have one, but paypal $10K to me, and i will get you both those before 2008, no paypal fees...

or you can choose from my list for the prices shown?

your choice...
I'll take a black tie. I will send you an email with my info. Thanks.

Nice Fast Payment Blade77
I Got your PayPal at 4:09pm, made it to the post office before 5pm... tracking numbers sent- Whohaa!

Advice for you as this is your first Busse... if you want to keep her mint for ever, don't pull her from the cardboard sheath lots of times (the smooth finish can leave scratches). Too make her look photo-perfect, wipe her down with a terry cloth (she will come with a light lube applied at the factory, that makes her look blury). Best to store her with lube or renwax-
-If you want to be very happy with her, use her at every opertunity, bang her around, beat her up, and sharpen her yourself... After this treatment, you will learn why INFI is so praised...
Email sent on Tiger Warden...
PeteH, email responded to...
WhitelyStu & Mike Biz, got $$ from both of you just now... will update when they ship..
And then their were 3 =(
One Black Tie and 2 SAR Yellow are all that remain available
If someone wants this last tiger (or a SAR) and pays before 4pm pst, it will ship today... hint hint hint

the prices will climb as their are less on the market,... it has already happened when i ran out of Mud Skeletons if you don't believe me...