Garsson CKCA Club Knife

Jul 27, 2003
Many here are aware of the CKCA Club Knife project, of which I am immensely proud to be a part, as the chosen Maker for the first year - 2010.
I've posted a few of these but just wanted to remind everyone of the on-going endeavor.
Here is the one I just finished for our 'beloved' STeven Garsson.
Chop a lot of onions, STeven!

Great looking knife, Karl!

Well done.

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
Turned out real nice like the rest.
Each looks basically the same, yet with enough available options
to personalize to your own taste.
stout and tough with some zany flair:thumbup:
The first club knives sure are good looking to say the least. Karl you really did a fine job and this is certainly no exception. Congratulations STeven on you club knife. One to be proud of for sure.

When Larry Bailey and Karl were initially designing and developing our first club knife project they warned that in helping to keep the price affordable to all members they would use "medium" grade rather than "premium" handle materials. Such as this piece, I haven't seen anything but absolutely beautiful handle materials so far.

Great job guys.
^^^ Yep, I was surprised at how good the "midgrade" ironwood looked.

I haven't hunted in a long time, more due to geography than anything else.

When chatting with Karl about this knife, determined that it should be used, and my kitchen knives get the hardest use as a class of knife.

Which is why Karl said "chop a lot of onions".

This knife will be MUCH used and very well cared for.

I thjnk it's beautiful, and was very happy that Karl was willing to accommodate the rounded butt modification to make it easier to use for my purposes.

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson