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Gary Graley custom leather SwissTool sheath

Oct 2, 1998

A few weeks ago, I ordered a custom leather sheath from forum member Gary Graley for my Victorinox SwissTool. I’ve been wearing it now for over a week, and I’m thrilled with it.

After seeing another post about G2’s sheaths, I checked out his <a href="http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Cabin/7306/blades.html">website</a>. The first picture I saw was an open-front sheath for a SwissTool with a wrap-around retaining strap that falls out of the way when open for easier access to the tool. I wanted something a little more conventional.

I asked Gary for a horizontal carry sheath with a conventional full front cover with a snap. No problem. He even epoxied a coin over the snap cover – a nice surprise!

His standard belt loop setup is designed for either left or right-side carry – not both. I asked if he could make it so that I could switch sides if I desired. He used a conventional belt pass-through on the back of the sheath that does exactly what I wanted.

And last, I asked for a custom design on the front of the sheath. I sent him a few pics of what I wanted. He pointed out that the design I wanted would not look right if I flipped the sheath over to carry it on my right side. DOH!
We decided on the design you see in the picture. (Sorry, my scanner pics do NOT do justice to the real thing) It’s a fish symbol that early Christians used in times of persecution to identify other believers. This turned out extremely well. The symbol has a topcoat applied to make it stand out. The back of the sheath has “G2 5*99” imprinted on it.

Within nine days of my first e-mail to him, I had the sheath in hand. That’s customer service that’s hard to beat. The quality and workmanship is simply outstanding. When I received the sheath, the SwissTool fit was a little snug. I applied a little Leather Lightning Holster Treatment to the inside contact areas, and the Tool now slides right out.

The cost for this was $50 plus shipping. That’s a bargain – especially considering the custom features I requested.

Gary was very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend him highly.


Deo Vindice

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Simply put, Gary Graley is an outstanding artist, knife maker and skilled leather craftsman. Gary or G2 as I like to call him is also a pure gent and a pleasure to do business with or just exchange emails about knives and/or sheaths.

G2 did my large Sebenza horizontal sheath and I am completely happy with it. G2 is also making the sheath for my custom fighter that Matt Lamey is making for me.

I highly recommend Gary if you're looking to get high quality custom sheath work at a great price. Or if you just want to talk knives with a really nice person.



I'm eagerly waiting for my Swisstool sheath from Gary, should be here tomorrow with any luck (if the USPS has a following wind). I opted for the style shown on his web-site, with Celtic imprint. As soon as it arrives, I'll share my impressions.
I just had to chime in, seeing that Gary delivered three great sheaths to me this afternoon. Beutiful work, I will post images as I create them.

I also have to put in my .02 cents.
I just received 2 sheaths I had him make for me for the small Sebenza, and the Leatherman Wave that I carry.
Excellent work, and just plain beautiful. Mine have the Indian Head on them, and offsets them very well.
I make some sheaths myself, in comparison like night and day as far as detail, and fit.
He will be doing more work for me down the road I assure you. I will like st. james, kodiak pa and others be a repeat customer.
I would recommend him to anyone without reservation.
Thanks Gary!!!!!
Gosh Gee whiz guys, my wife says I'll be getting a big head with all this praise! But thanks for the response, it is nice to know that people appreciate the work that I do, it's a pleasure creating the sheaths for you guys and again, thanks for posting this, but now I must lie down, I'm feeling a little light headed.....

I'm going to chime in with my own story. A few weeks ago Gary sent me an email to chat about our respective knife collections. He worked for one of my previous employer's clients, you see, so I (and my father) know him personally. Little did I know that Gary was secretly gathering intelligence on behalf of my father in order to let Dad know just what knife would make a good gift.

When my anniversary to my lovely wife rolled around, I got a few cards from various relatives -- and a small package from my father. Inside was an EDI Genesis -- and an absolutely gorgeous custom leather sheath that carries the knife horizontally on the belt (with the pocket clip removed, of course).

I couldn't be happier -- and Gary's willingness to help my father (who most certainly thought to himself before all this began, "What knife do I buy my obsessive Knife Person son? I have no idea what he has and what he doesn't") was above and beyond the call of duty, even for a Knife Person.

Thanks, Gary.

Razor, it was my pleasure, but the selection of knives to get for you, I offered your father three choices and had him make the final selection, and no I'll not mention the other two, forgot them by now anyway. But the Genesis seems to have been a good choice, the blade was very sharp, your father thought you preferred the partial serrations, so that's what we got. It was hard not to come right out and ask what you had in your collection, and to top it off your father was going to make it a Christmas present and I warned him to move it up, in case you decided to make some purchases on your own...Glad he did!

take care!
Time to get light headed again, Gary.
Today I got home from work to find a package from Gary. Inside was my Swisstool sheath. Sweet. Had Gary do make it for left side carry so it wouldn't interfere with my regular right rear Military carry. The fit nice and snug with a keeper strap like the one on his website. This sheath is VERY sturdy, very well made and I especially like the fact that the belt loop is pretty tight, which means it won't "flop" around when accessing tool. This is important with a hulk like the Swisstool. I have the Celtic design and burgandy color leather. I think a sheath like this makes your carry abit more civilized and less threatening to the average person, who often look askance at black tactical type sheaths. Thanks Gary.
PS Gary did this really quick too ! I hate to wait !
Another pic of G2's work. This is a M2 AFCK.


Worth a thousand words.

Great pic James, I'd have posted one but our scanner is screwed up for some reason

I sometimes forget just how nice good leatherwork is, not to mention the nice "new leather smell".