gb wilderness

and also if i only carried one hatchet would the mini be able to do all the chores or am i better off with the wilderness
Once again, I can only answer for myself, especially since what you consider chores may differ than what I do. Plus I do not own a mini, although I do think they are severly cute and would love to have one someday, "just because." But I have never wished for something smaller than my wilderness when camping and do not consider it too large or inconvenient in any way, and many times actually prefer the next size larger often called a "boys axe," or what Grandfors Bruks calls a small forest axe.

BUT, I think you have a hankering for a mini, and if so, thats what you should get!
any other opinions? i feel that you guys really know what you are talking about and i will directly use your comments to decide which to get
The GB small forest axe and the GB hunter's axe are about the same size and weight. Personally, I prefer the handle on the hunter. More forward curve to the toe of the handle which I think gives a little more leverage, grooves make the handle a little more grippy without making it too rough and I think it offers more options for grip position. Just my opinion. I handled a SFA before getting the hunter's axe. You can see a pic of a hunter in my other thread. I have my grandfather's old Boy's Axe (he was born in 1900 and died in '84) and it is quite a bit longer and a tad heavier than the GB SFA or hunter.
How do you intend to use it?