Gearing up for another big review...need help

Feb 4, 1999
I am thinking about doing a follow-up to the huge review of small fixed blades I did about two years ago. This time I want to focus mainly on handmade or at least small company stuff, much like I did last time. I need some help from makers who want to submit their work for evaluation. I have no tentative timetable or anything yet, but I can say that makers who submit knives will have to be patient because it takes FOREVER to evaluate that many knives and their sheaths, and even longer to write it up, take the pics, format everything, etc. The last review was pretty darn popular, and I think it gave a lot of exposure to the makers involved.<p>

The first review I did like this included the REKAT Fang, Jens Ansø Personal Sheepfoot (kit knife, so no commentary on finish), three different knives from Sean Perkins, two from Running Dog, an Allen Blade Chipmunk, and 2 from Sgt. Blades. You can see the review on my webpage in the sig file, but here's a direct link, too:

As of right now, I have the following blades lined up and ready to start reviewing: Fred Perrin Street Surgeon, Sean Perkins Littlewing #25 (integral with A-2), and I'll probably throw one, possibly two of my own blades into the mix. Only if I can give my own work a break as far as criticism, though! Pretty much the only criteria for the review is that the knives are fixed blades, and I should put a cap on the size. Let's say 7" OAL max. If it fits into these constraints, then you're good to go! Sheath would be good, too, but it's up to you. As far as my qualifications for doing this, other than being a longtime knife aficianado, I make my own stuff and have three years of making custom sheaths under my belt, so I know what kind of work goes into planning and making a knife and sheath, and I can appreciate that greatly. Look at the old review and see if it looks good to you, then contact me to discuss the next one if you have any questions. I probably shouldn't include any more than 8-10 knives in the review, so seating is limited, I suppose! Otherwise it gets too darn big. Oh, and just to keep things on the level, there is no fee and no kickback system. Most of the makers who have sent me stuff in the past tell me to keep it and check in with them periodically about the knives (which I do), and others ask me to send them back. I've have done both and will do both for this review, as usual.
your last job was great . . . I bought a Perkins "Kerver" and got a one-off from Running Dog after reading your review.

Are you merely extending the "small fixed blade" category, or looking for a new theme? Are you looking for new makers, or ones that already have good coverage on the forums (e.g. TOPS Street Scalpel; some of Newt Livesay's work)?
Summerland, thanks for the encouragement! This time around, I am going again with the small FB theme. If I had self-defense experience I would narrow it to that, but I don't, so I won't! I would rather stick with the smaller shops or custom/handmade/benchmade/sole authorship/apprentice-using makers, but I'll do whatever. Right now the lineup looks like:
One or two of my own, Sean Perkins Littlewing (unless I can get something new from him), Perrin Sreet Surgeon (just got's cool!), Chavar Monocacy, and maybe an ICC Knives neck knife (new company, see post in For Sale: Makers: Fixed Blades). Any maker can send anything, though! The reason I am sticking with small FB's is that they are usually relatively inexpensive (puts less of a load on the maker), they are popular, and that is my expertise.
Hunter, I preferred the uneditted version ;)
Send all your folders to me while you are at it, I may take years to evaluate them properly and they will have to TTD (test to destruction) for fairness.:D
Hi Steve:

I look forward to reading your next evaluation. I read your last one avidly a couple of times, and because of it, I've had the pleasure of using a Running Dog Li'l Pup in BG-42 for the past year. (Which led to my increased interest in fixed blades, which led to a Camillus Talon in 154-CM, which led to a Busse ZT Steel Heart on order, ... in fact all the knives I'm currently saving for/got on order/dreaming about are fixed blades!)

Thanks for taking the time to test, and write.