Gearing up for large review and need some input

Feb 4, 1999
Guys, I am getting prepared to do a large review of a bunch of knives and I need some input. My goal is to test a bunch of small fixed blade knives against one another for general chores (i.e. no destructive testing). The tests will include the aesthetics, price, and overall value of the knives, how well they performed doing tasks such as cutting cardboard and other usual jobs for such knives, as well as how they carried and how concealable they are, etc etc. Of my own knives I am testing, entries include:
1) Sean Perkins Seraph
2) Sean Perkins Stygia
3) Newt Livesay Titanium Tiger
4) REKAT Fang
5) Emerson LaGriffe
6) Running Dog Knives Little Pup (expect a review of this knife by itself very soon).

I should have a Jens Anso kit knife of his Personal Sheepsfoot pattern coming in about two weeks to add to the project, and I will also be adding something new from Sean Perkins, as well (either the new Kerver or the soon-to-be-released Herveste). I tried to get Lynn Griffith to submit or sell one of his MNK's to me, but they won't be available for quite some time. Are there any other obvious choices I am leaving out? If so, are there any folks out there willing to send me their copies of said pieces to be tested? All knives will be returned in good condition after testing, too, so don't worry about getting a cracked blade back in half! I will use the knives, but not abuse them! In any case, I am interested in helping new or established makers gain some recognition for their knives, or if there are factory models out there I am leaving out and someone wants to send one for testing, then i will accept that, too. Whatever! I may take the Livesay out of the running because it is intended for offense/defense, not utility work. I have a feeling it would fail all criteria based on a utility-type testing mode.
So, there it is. It will take quite some time to compile all the results and put them in a review form, so if you plan on sending a knife expect to be without it for at least a couple months, but not longer than that. Any interest?
BTW, the criteria for qualitfication are pretty simple. I am looking for fixed blade knives of no more than 6" OAL. They can be any material, any pattern, etc, but I would rather keep away from knives designed so specifically that they would automatically perform poorly (UNLESS the manufacturer is selling the knife as a utility piece, that is!). Just let me know either here or via email...

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I'm going to have to agree with you on possibly taking out the Livesay Ti Tiger. Perhaps replacing it with a more general purpose model, such as the Little Pecker? Mr. Livesay himself has said the Ti Tiger was intended for one thing, and that was as a 'shank'. (His words, not mine! You can read it yourself at his forum) The LP would hold a much better chance against the other knives.

Can't wait to read the review, especially on Sean Perkins knives. Been looking at his site a lot lately...

It would be interesting to see one or two inexpensive production knives thrown into the mix. Perhaps a Schrade Sharpfinger. There are also some Pakistani knives that look similar to Anza knives on the market now that have a solid design and a good feel.

It would be interesting to see how these < $15 knives compare to the handmade/high-end production ones. I have a couple I am willing to lend you if you want to put the effort into comparative testing.

(edit - I just got home and measured the knives I was thinking of. They are each about 7” oal, so they do not meet your admission criterion. The offer still stands though.)

Howard Wallace
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