Gene Osborn!

Sep 30, 1999
Just had to share this knife I received yesterday from my friend Gene Osborn aka Centercross Forge. While Gene and I have spoken before and posted together on other forums, this was the first knife I purchased from him. If you know me, it's no big surprise that the handles are stag,LOL. When we discussed the knife, he asked me if I wanted filework and I replied I like it but had a tight budget right now. So when I get the knife yesterday, it's fully fileworked :eek:
The fit and finish are unbelievable, it features his unique extended tang lockback and round thumbstud. I can tell you one thing for certain, the pics are his website do not come near to doing justice to his knives. It is beautiful and better finished than knives I own that cost 2 or 3 times as much. If you like traditional knives with a modern touch, try Gene, you will not be dissapointed!

BTW-I supplied the stag myself, as you know there isn't much around anymore.
Great knife Dave! I know Gene, spent a week on his couch last year. Great guy and his work is impeccable also. Man you got a fabulous knife there, from a great maker!
Ok, edited. Hopefully there's a pic there now :)
Did I mention that Gene is a great guy, also? :D
Dave, that's beautiful! Thanks for posting the pic. Seems to me knowing Gene would make carrying one of his blades special.
I spoke with Gene last night and believe me he is as genuine as a true gentleman can be. We spoke about a knife of his that I bought here on BF, yet he treated me as if I had bought it directly from him. He told me that just owning one of his knives made me a lifetime customer... wow.

I think Gene really understands the value of mutual respect, relationship and servicing customers, not just knives. There are so many great custom knifemakers out there these days that it gets tough to decide who is going to be next on your list. For me sometimes it just comes down to character... Gene just made the list.

It's been in a sheath on my belt since about 15 minutes after it got here. :)

Hey Barry, I been sleeping by the mail box. You sure you sent that knife? :D
You guys know how to make a fellow blush, don't you.
Dave, I'm happy I could help you with this one.
I am honored!

Few men in life get to enjoy thier work with a passion,yet it is you guys that make it possible. I thank each of you!
............................GOD BLESS.................................
That is a beautiful knife, Dave! I really like the shape. Haven't seen anything quite like it before. Beautiful stag too.

Gene Osborne is a maker/man about whom I've never read a single word of anything but praise. He seems to make terrific knives and to be a better man than maker. Glad you two got together!
Ok folks be very careful :). Once you start hanging around guys like Gene you begin to realize that the knives take a back seat to the people you get to meet in this field.

If I had to choose between a knife that Gene made and the conversation I got to have with one of his daughters, his wife (Pat) and Gene. I'll take the time on the phone hands down. (and I really like the knife a lot).