general bali question

Jan 9, 2006
I live in Missouri but the question isn’t specifically about that. I have been reading up and have found that in some cases balisong knives were found to be gravity knives and/or switchblades but in others they were not considered as such and were therefore legal. sites several cases in which bali’s were found to be legal. My question is: Would it simply be the judge's interpretation of the law to say whether the bali was a gravity knife or not? There seems to be no case precedent or specific anti-bali language in the law in some places. Such as Missouri!

Jan 12, 2005
Yeah, it would be the judges decision. However, the cops would most likely just confiscate the knife instead of prosecuting you for anything.

Please dont start carrying a bali based on my advice alone, I would feel realy bad if you got arrested or something. So get some more input from other people, and if you still want to carry then I cant stop you. good luck:thumbup: