Genesis 2 review


Apr 28, 1999
I've had my Genesis 2 since last Thursday. I carry it everyday at home and at work. The clip is great; the knife sits so low in the pocket that it isn't even visible! Also, the clip is placed great. When gripping it, the clip ends just where my finger ends, so it provides a little extra grip. Also, it came incredibly sharp, but the edge was too thick and dragged when cutting cardboard. I used a 20 degree on my Lansky kit and it cuts cardboard much easier now. I can even run it across my arm with just the weight of the blade and it cuts a little cut like a paper cut. Impressive! I found this out when I was trying to shave hair, I dragged it lightly across my arm and felt a sting ans saw that I had a little slice in my arm. I think it is sharp enough now! I noticed that the pivot keeps loosening up on me, though. I found how to use the thumbstud. Press down on it and push the stud as hard as possible with your thumb. My flies out really fast. Is this why the pivot is loosening? I don't know. The handle feels pretty good, especially in the reverse grip. I noticed that there is a little cutout near the blade, and it fits pretty well for a finger rest. I have white knuckled it and can't get it to release. I think this is a very solidly made knife. One problem is that within about 20 openings, including a few flicks, the liner moved from the far left to the far right, about 1mm from the far right edge. I know the liner adjusts as it is worn, but does it adjust this quickly? And will it move even more?? I got the black blade, plain edge version and next time, I will get the satin finished. I just don't want to worry about getting the black coating scratched. How tough is the coating? How easily does it wear off? I know there are a lot of questions in this review, but I was just a little curious. All in all, I love this blade. I use it at work a lot for cutting boxes and the plastic binding straps on bundles of boxes and all different stuff. I think this is a great blade well worth the money.