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Genesis-A2 vs. Talonite

Oct 4, 1998
I have a friend who would like to get both of these knives, but can only afford one. Oh, okay, it's me.
Which one would you folks pick, all things being equal? Since things are seldom equal, at what price differential does Talonite seem less interesting to you, A2+$50, A2+$100? My friend thanks you.


I've ordered both but if I could only have one it'd be the Talonite. I have great blades in both A2 and Talonite... the latter is that good. The differential in pricing is actually quite modest when one factors the cost of the blade stock and the increased costs in fashioning the Talonite blade (the machining process is much more refined and employs numerous additional passes).

Consider also the non-corroding, edge retention, and strength features of Talonite.
Go for it!

I just updated EDI's web site to include information on the new A-2 and Talonite models. As soon as I get pictures of each I will post them but they will not look that much different accept the Talonite model will have Gold Titanium Nitride coatings on the liners. Will asked said they may do the clip in Gold to and I said cancel my order if you do
The Gold liners look really sweet but the clip would be a bit too much "pimp daddy" for me.

Visit EDI's newly revised web site which I am still building in parts.

I will hopefully have pics of the A-2 Paratus soon and will let you know when.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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