Genesis EDI linear lock...

Jun 15, 1999
Has anyone had experiences with the Geneisis linear lock failing on them? I plan on grabbing this knife withing the next 2 months hopefully, and would like to know if there are any flaws with this knife I am unaware of..
Hmmm.. got mine a couple of weeks ago.. So far so good..
Liner lock is solid as a rock. And the thing is sharp! Though I would advise checking it out carefully because there has been instances when the knife came out of the box less than 100%.

I agree with DannyC, I also just got one and the lock up is tight, I've not experienced a problem with the lock. The opening of hte knife was rough, took it apart and smoothed out the bushings and knocked down some slag type stuff near where the threaded holes come through the liner, it raised up the bushing on one side, then applied some White Lightening and now opens very nicely. The blade takes a good edge and mine is the partial serrations type, at first I didn't want that one but since having it I like their serrations the best of all I've seen so far, done on the correct side, for right handed people, and cuts smoother.

I have noticed that the blade has gotten a few small chips in the edge, might be it's too hard? Wasn't abusing it or anything, just showed up, so I sharpended it and hasn't shown chips since then. Won't say how sharp it is, don't want to offend those with sensitive eyes, (but it does get very sharp), see thread in Custom Reviews about sayings on sharpness, funny stuff. I know how they feel, I hate cliche's like `well, we're all in the same boat so lets learn to row together' drives me crazy! or `Well, the moral of the story is.....' nuff said...

I like the knife overall and have been carrying it since I've gotten it.

Hope that helps,

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These are liner locks, so some % are going to be failures. EDI is very good, but with liner locks there's always going to be a few in the bunch that fail, and I've heard about a few EDI failures. Their customer service is excellent, don't hesitate to return the knife.

Gary, EDI apparently leaves their edges very thin. If you resharpened and raised the edge angle a bit, perhaps that has prevented any further chipping.

i got an EDI genesis I at last years blade show. it took a couple days to break in, but it was really smooth, and the lock held up fine, until this summer, when i noticed i could cause the lock to fail by applying moderate pressure against the spine of the blade.

I sent it back to EDI about two months ago, and i havent heard anything yet.

i really liked it though, hopefully mine was a fluke.
been using my genisis 1 for 3x months. lock started to fail 6x weeks longer trust it as it fails with LIGHT pressure. contacted EDI via e-mail. no reply. this is a $250 knife here.ouch.will replace with Commander,when I can afford it. admittedly, it opens REAL smooth...sadly it closes REAL quick. this was to be a every day tool ... I certainly won't be importing any more..would not feel right selling them. I don't mean to slam EDI.. this is agreat design, looks cool in cabinet. My non-locking SAK has a better lock-up. I suggest you try before you buy. p.s. I have NOT abused mine, just used it... temporarily. stay sharp W
Hmm, that's too bad that they haven't gotten back to a couple of people. I was considering this knife strongly; am now reconsidering my original thought...

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If you've sent the knife back to EDI for service, and haven't heard from them, give them a call. They got themselves a reputation around here for good customer service around here - including some early production stuff I sent back to them - and they probably don't want to lose it in the middle of a management change.

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