Genesis I re-revisited

Aug 2, 1999
Okay, just when I thought I'd gotten my new Genesis I sorted out (removed overly sharp right angles, polished some rough spots, polished down the detent bearing to allow easier opening start-up, etc.), up jumped the devil! It's the first liner lock I've owned out of seventeen that didn't stay locked open during moderately heavy use. I'd like to say that my lightning-like reflexes saved the day. What I have to say is that I was lucky. Anyhow, now I've made yet another modification to the knife to make it more useable. This time I carefully (Remember, I'm a retired dentist, so I'm good with hand tools. I make knives, too.)reshaped the portion of the blade with which the liner lock comes into contact, letting the liner spring a little farther into engagement and also making the blade's engagement surface a little more square (or a little less angled, depending on your point of view)compared to the longitudinal axis of the blade. I also reshaped the end of the liner lock appropriately, polishing it, too. Now the knife opens easily (but not too easily), stays locked open, is easy to unlock and close, and has required a total of over an hour's work cumulatively to get it into satisfactory shape. I've noted that some of you have mentioned that EDI's quality control has slipped a bit since its beginnings. Since my first EDI product was this Genesis I, and I only got it a couple of weeks ago, I have nothing with which to compare. And, yep, I know I could've sent it back to the factory to have them correct its problems, but I wanted the knife NOW--new toy syndrome and all that.