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Genesis II Prices :-)

Oct 3, 1998

Just curious I thought the above model was suppose to be less then the genesis I.

some web dealers are selling them for more then the older model. I'm not sure if it's from the ignorance or GREED?
That is very interesting. I would be interested to see what the prices and web sites that are selling these knives for more than the original Genesis.

The purpose of the newer Genesis was to make this knife more affordable.

Are you sure?



It probably is neither greed nor ignorance. It is probably an attempt to make some additional margin on a new product while it's new. I assume it didn't work. At any rate, we have them in stock for immediate shipment and they are priced well below the Genesis I.

Incidentally, I think the Genesis II is a great value. You get the same blade and hardware, you get good looking and strong Grilon scales and all you give up is the reconfigurable pocket clip (It's for righties only.) I own a Genesis I personally and would be quite content with the new model. I think EDI has a winner. Take care.