Genesis Lockup

Nov 11, 1998
Hi everyone,

I just got my new EDI genesis II yesterday, and I'm quite happy with the purchase, except for one litle thing: the lockup is not solid enough. Actually, there's no lateral movement whatsoever, and I can't complain about that. But, the liner does not jump out far enough unless I snap the blade open, and there's a noticable amount of up and down moevement in the blade. When I flick the blade out, the liner goes far enough to stop the blade from rocking in its place, but if i open the knife slower, the blade shakes a little. Is this a common problem, or did I get a liner that isn't long enough, or the blade that is not cut properly at the base?
ps. i also put this message up on the manufacturer forum; i wasn't sure which would be the more appropriate/helpful of the two.
Open it hard and often for a few days and see if that helps. Sometimes brand-new linerlocks have a little bur on the edge or are catching on just a tiny corner of the locking bar. With a little wear the lockup comes to appen across the whole face, and this should let it ride up slightly higher on the tang. If this doesn't improve, you may try taking the knife apart and making a few passes with a file across the face of the locking bar. Or send it back to EDI if you're not comfortable with doing that - I hera their service is excellent. At any rate, you're much better off with a liner that doesn't come up quite high enough than one that goes too high - don't despair, it will wear!

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
I think Corduroy is right. Spend some time opening the knife medium-hard. That'll wear whatever uneven part of the liner is causing your problem.
Oh, and yes, that is a common problem with liner locks.

Sorry, couldn't stop myself.

I have a Gen 2 also. A few good flicks takes care of the problem and it locks up solid. The liner will wear and slide over to the right and lock up nice and solid. Did you get the black or plain blade? I was wondering if the black blades tang wears quicker cuz the coating is being scraped off and if this is why it doesn't always lock solid.....
I got a BlackT coated blade, and I don't think the coating has anything to do with the lockup. I have a BT coated miniAxis (which by btw has some lateral play to the blade) and the liner has not loosened with use so far because of the coating getting scraped off. I also have a miniSOCOM with BT coating, and although I have not used it too much, i'm sure that I'll have no problems with the lockup on that knife.
Actually, after playing with my new Genesis yesterday, I finally got the liner to engage far enough every time to lockthe blade solid. My concern now is that the liner goes over 1/2 way on the base of the blade. That does not leave much room for wear as i see it.

Hey, my first name is Tim, too! I also have a genesis and the liner is just to the right of the halfway mark on the liner and has been there for a few weeks now and doesn't appear to be moving over any more that I see. I think it breaks in to there and then wears very little as it gets open and closed a lot. I'm not too worried about mine...should I be??

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