Genesis stiffness

Today I recieved my Genesis I (Black combo). This is a truly excellent knife and is the best i have ever bought.
However, I have been reading past threads about the Genesis and in them they all seem to compliment the smooth opening of the knife, and in some cases comparing it to the speed and smoothness of an auto. However, mine is quite difficult to get started when opening, making it quite painful on the thumb. I was wondering, do you think
that this is because of the newness of the Knife and just needs to be worn in or do you think it is something else, and maybe that it needs some kind of lubrication, WD40 for example ?

Any comments greatly appreciated



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Untighten the pivot screw just a little bit maybe (use a T-10 torx driver)? And of course a little lubricant will help too.

Apr 15, 1999
First off, you probably want to give it a week or so of frequent use to let it wear in. If the problem remains, you could contact EDI, or you could take the knife apart and try the following:

If the stiffness is associated only with the detent ball that holds the blade closed, your liner force may be too "strong," or in other words pushing too hard against the blade. With the blade removed, a liner lock only needs to travel a little bit further than the position it rests in when the knife is locked open. If the liner is bent so it travels more than this (clear across to the opposite scale, or farther when the scale is removed) it will place more pressure on the blade when it is closed and when it is opening. The effect on the action is usually small, but the effect on how strongly the detent holds the blade can be substantial. Of course, you can have a heavy liner an strong detent on purpose, if you like, but I usually make sure the liner travels only a bit higher than it needs to without the blade stopping it. I like a light detent and a smooth action, and haven't had any trouble with my knives staying closed yet. The process is reversible, too - if the lock wears so that it needs to travel higher, or you find the knife opening too easily, you can open it and bend the liner over a little farther.

Give this a shot if you feel comfortable and understand your warranty terms. Most times someone has shown me a knife that has an overly aggressive ball detent and a poor action, taking th knife apart has revealed a liner lock that wanted to travel past the opposite scale and out th side of the knife!

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Push down and then out on the thumb stud. Follow the cut-out. Also, give it a little time to wear in. When I got my Genesis, it was very hard to open with the thumb stud and took some practice. Now it flies open, even after I tightened the pivot a little. Get used to the thumb stud and it can open very quickly.

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