Genesis, What's next?

Oct 26, 1998

With the popularity of the genesis what's next from EDI? Can someone tell me?

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The Genesis 2 should be out within the next few weeks.

It is basically a lower cost Genesis with
GV6H Swiss polymer alloy handle scales.

EDI Claims the GV6H is much stronger than even G10. I can vouch for its strength.

I can easily snap an AFCK scale in half with hand pressure.
I cannot even bend the GV6H. It's way strong.

Only downside is the pocket clip won't be reversible, but should lower the price by about 25 dollars.

I know a concealable size fixed blade is in the works too.

The Rock Lock should be out this Spring

and theres something else, but I am sworn to secrecy!


Anthony P. Lombardo
-will destroy knives for

Heck I was sworn to secrecy over the fixed blade
Oh well....

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