genisis w/A2 vs. spyderco military w/440v

has anyone out there compared these two knives ?? pros vs.cons

The Spyderco Military is an awesome knife, I understand why it has so many fans. However, for me, I've found the handle to be monstrous, just way too big for comfortable everyday carry. I don't know how you guys are carrying these things! I'd pick the A-2 Genesis just for that alone. If you don't mind that huge handle, then the decision becomes tougher.


Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Handle ergonomics is a personal thing, I like the handle on the Military more than most folders and would actually like it a little longer.

The main issue here for me is resharpening.

A2 takes a screaming sharp edge, holds it a long time and is-easily-resharpened back to its original state. Also, for pure performance, I am sure the edge is thinner on the .115 thick Genesis blade than on the Military (although I haven't measured the spydie).

The edge bevel of the Genesis on several of my samples range from .017"-.020" depending on who sharpened it. Thats pretty thin. Looking forward to that A2.

440V is excellent steel, but in my experience is much harder to reprofile/re-sharpen than any non-stainless tool steel.
(and it WILL need resharpening after a while)

I must concur with Joe on the handle too. Although the Genesis handle isn't the MOST ergonomic in the world, it seems like Spydie could have made the Military grip a good 1/2" shorter.

If you want brawn-go for the Military.
Easily toted, and easier resharpening-Go for the Genesis.

The Genesis is .017" thick just behind the edge - very nice. I wish this measurement is included in the listed specs as it is very important in regards to cutting ability. My Calypso Jr. is just under .02" in the same place. What is the primary grind on the Genesis?


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That measurement was taken at the top of the polished sharpening bevel.

The primary grind is a flat in a saber style.

1/4" up from the sharpening bevel it measures in at .050".

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Thanks for the measurements Anthony. If anyone with an Axis could get the corresponding numbers I would be interested, as its cutting ability is highly regarded.

I don't have any way to measure. However, I'll point out that I had to thin the edge on my axis quite a bit before it really started kicking butt. On the other hand, I was able to handle a newer axis last night, and it looks like Benchmade has definitely listened to our complaints and thinned the edges a whole lot out of the factory.
The Axis ranges from .025-.030 right on top of the sharpening bevel across the blade

Another genesis I have ranges from .017-.023

The Axis is slightly thicker across the flats too.

They are both ground from .115 stock

In my experience, the Genesis out cuts the AXIS despite the latter's slight recurve.
If you handle a genesis, you will notice it also has a small degree of curve from the hand sharpening process.

FYI, that thin Genesis edge is easier to touch up as well.

However, I sure would like it to have the AXIS locking mechanism.... Oh well.

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Joe, just cut the blade edge depth into something that will retain the imprint like wax. You can then measure the width with a normal ruler. Of course this will not allow as precise measurements as Anthony is quoting but it will certainly allow you to get the width within .01".

We are making a run of 500 A2 Genesis knives to test the market. We should be shipping them towards the end of this month/first of June. With our luck, it will be the first of June. They will be plain edge only, Chromium Nitride coated, and numbered. You can check our web page for a list of dealer links[we should be adding more in the next couple of days as Spark takes over my web site]. Off the top of my head, AG Russell will have the first 100, I know KnifeCenter of the Internet is taking advance orders, as is Chai Cutlery. I believe Arrow Dynamics is planning on carrying them as well. Email me, and I will send you a more complete list. Thanks for the interest.

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