genisis w/A2

May 18, 1999
just ordered a genisis w/ A2....anthing anyone can say bad or good about A2 steel ? i have never had any knives with this steel before .

High carbon tool steel. Will rust if not well cared for or pre-coated. It will hold an edge for a long time, but is hard to resharpen. Like M2, which is harder.

A2 has 5% chromium, it resists rusts a bit, but will stain.

It is not hard to sharpen. ATS34, or most any stainless is harder to sharpen.

A2 takes a scary sharp edge, holds it well, and in the Genesis shouldnt chip or brak the tip too easily.

EDI is coating their A2 with silver chrominum
nitride which should keep the blade cosmetically well protected.

This will be a fantastic knife.

"The most effective armor is to keep out of range"-Italian proverb

I have several on order and can't wait to get them. Be sure to post a review when you get it.

I really like the EDI knives and A-2 is my current favorite steel. A-2 is tough, sharpens easily, and will take and hold a scary sharp edge in a pocket folder. The coating used will mean the only potential rust spot would be on the cutting edge which will be in contact with the material being cut and any sharpening tools used so, doesn't seem to be a maintainance concern with regards to rust unless neglected for really long periods.

The Mission A-2 "Steelcoat" fixed blades I have are superficially constructed the same way and, initial usuage seems to be proving that knife is a good combination of the right stuff as the I'm sure the A-2 EDI will.