Gentleman Folder - Michael Zieba & Ostap Hel collaboration.

Jan 6, 2012

I would like to share with you my latest collaboration with Michael Zieba - Gentleman folding knife based on my design:


Framelock version.

ZDP-189 set at 62HRC Titanium with copper coating and black nickel.


Linerlock version.

CPM S35VN - Titanium with copper coating and black nickel, also 24k Gold liner lock and hardware.


What do you think? :)
not bad at all! infact i like the simplicity and the copper finish, my preferred version of the 2 is the liner lock
Very nice. I like the engraving as well. Did you do it? There are not many custom knives with ZDP steel, how did you come by it?
Your design is great. Performance too. Very nice pocket knife.
Total length of linerlock in open position is 206 mm, closed from tip to tip is 117 mm. Frame lock is a little bit more compact :)
Titanium is inert and copper is with handling, you will basically have a knife that by all stretch of the imagination would look nice and clean had it simply been anodized or heat colored that is going to potentially have a greened up coating.

This is good why?

Other than that it looks like an interesting variant of Lucas Burnley's Kwaiken.

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STeven Garsson
I'm not sure how one maker can create a variant of another maker's work without blatantly copying it. Even then, I don't think people would call it a variant of the original pattern. The way I understand it, a variant would be a standard model from a maker whose features are modified by the maker or in a collaboration with another. To my eye, this knife has very different lines than Burnley's kwaiken pattern. Although it does share its slim look, as do models by other makers, such as Tom Ferry and Richard Rogers to name a couple.

As for the copper, it would be very interesting to see it with that verdigris, which could likely be forced. The look is very unique, and having read up on plating titanium, the process appears to be very difficult to get right, which ought to elevate the value of the knife somewhat.

The steampunk flavour is accentuated by the 'Brooklyn Made' stamp, and the skyline engraving. Subtley thematic. I like these little knives a lot!
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I got to play with proto types of these knives at the NYCKS last week. Very cool little knives that could easily find a place in the market.