Gent's Folder -- BM 850 or 770?

Jun 21, 2001
Looking for small unobtrusive folder for work and weekend travel (must pass airport security). Really want to stick with BM and these are the two I have narrowed it down to. So... 850 or 770, what do you guys think. Other BM suggestions appreciated as well.

My is that the 850 would be less obtrusive because it is clipless and carried in a slip pouch. It also does not have the axis lock mechanism which could potentially cause unwanted attention. That said, the 770 is smaller and I have gone through airports with a 770 and drew no attention at all.
The 690 is too big. But I've used the 770 for this very purpose and it's good. Keep in mind that it's a very small-feeling knife. But the handle shape makes for a very positive grip.

I don't know about the 850, but the clip on the 770 has come in handy. I did the money clip thing at an airport and it worked great.
JT, I have all 3 of the BMs mentioned here so far. The 770 lives in the knife drawer as does the 690. IMO the 770 is too small / thin and the 690, although fancy is too large for office and airport carry. Guess that leaves the "clipless" 850. It's fancy, under 3" and is plenty stout. Carry in a William-Henry clip sheath IWB might work well for you and it would protect the rainbow anodizing from pocket wear while still allowing easy access. The 705 is another good option. My EDC for office and travel is a William-Henry Kestrel with amber bone scales, but I swap it for the 705 as soon as I'm home. One problem with the 850 is finding one without serrations. Good luck.
Hey guys... Thanks for the info. I was at a knife show this weekend and saw both the 770 and the 850. I already have the 705 for non-office use. I ended up getting a fairly good deal on the 770 plain blade... so I picked it up.

The only 850's there were combo edge and I liked the size and feel of the 770. I like smaller folders and the 850 seemed a little big for what I needed it for.

Next question -- anyone know how to polish up the dead spots on the 770. I would like to give it that polished look all over the knife including the beveled out sections. Also I have noticed a few small marks on the polished sections when looking at the knife closely that could be shined up some. Any Ideas? I have a dremel with polishing attachments, but no Ideal what I would use to do this.

I would have to give the 770 my vote. I've had an 850S in the past, and always felt it was lacking. While I've never owned a 770 it looks like it would serve well as a gents folder...