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gerald barrowcliff sheath

I recently purchased a lindsay fixed blade from a fellow forumite and it came with a barrowcliff sheath.This is by far the best made and best looking leather sheath I own.My question is does anyone have info. on this sheath maker in case I need another .thanks
Aug 25, 1999
If the Lindsay has a tapered tang and cocobolo scales I used to be VERY familiar with it! I've got contact info for Mr. Barrowcliff somewhere on my computer. When I find it I'll email it to you.
If it's the same knife I used to own, it is hands down the finest sheath I've ever seen.
Nice knife, too!
Since your email address isn't listed, email me and I'll give you his address and phone number. I'm not comfortable posting it on the internet without his permission.


Come on guys, you can't just tell us how nice this sheath is and not give us a little peak.

--The Raptor--
mail sent, and yes this is knife and sheath i bought from you.thanks again for great knife and sheath.I also just changed my profile to show my e-mail address.

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sorry can't do pictures from my end but you may find picture of knife if you do search in for sale individuals and look for lindsay.ther wasn't a picture of sheath.