Gerber Air Ranger


Oct 5, 2000
Does anyone have this knife yet? It looks good on paper, but how does it work in reality? Thanks.
I like mine. I've had it for a few months now (bought it right after it came out). I haven't had to resharpen it yet (don't use it very hard) and it still has a razor sharp edge. When I got it, it failed the fabled spine whack test a few times but only if I gently opened the knife. If I flicked it open, it wouldn't fail. Now, it passes every time regardless of how I open it.

Overall I don't have any complaints. The blade shape is exactly what I wanted in a general use knife, it is light, it is low profile in my pocket, it's low profile to others when I use it. My favorite aspect is that it packs a lot of blade in a small package.

You might also look at Gerber's Spectre. It appears to be the same knife with better steel and a G10 handle. It's more expensive but a different interpretation of the same theme.