Gerber Applegate Covert

Oct 16, 1998
I seem to have found this site at an opportune time! I have been lusting after a Gerber "covert" model, for no rational reason other than I think it looks cool & "snicks" nicely. Purpose of knife would be opening boxes, random utility, deep fingernail cleaning, etc. I also like having something that can be seriously employed for self-defense in a really bad situation.
Lately I have been reading a lot about the high merits of the Genesis I, which costs almost twice as much but seems highly drooled over. Does anyone know of any particular faults of the Covert which would make it wiser for someone in my situation to opt for the Genesis? A vague and open question, but if I could find an informed answer anywhere it would have to be here . . .
Hello fishface (Gee, I never thought I'd actually call someone that
), thanks for taking time to post. To answer your question, of the two knives, I prefer the Genesis-1. Reasons for this are size, handle ergonomics, materials used, and overall construction. Please don't get me wrong - I think the Covert is a knife that offers the same benefits of the larger Applegate folder in a smaller, more pocket-friendly size. Basically, you get a strong, well engineered and built tactical folder. The action is smoother than the Covert, as the Genesis has a bronze pivot bushing with bronze washers. Another factor to take into consideration is blade finishes. If your like the look of an all-black folder, then the TiAlNi coated Genesis is your knife. The Genesis also carries deeper in the pocket than the Covert (and any other tactical folder for that matter...) True - you will pay more for the Genesis-1, but IMHO that knife is definitely worth it! Hope this info helps in your decision process.
Hi FishFace,

I bought a covert when they first came out, I really like it alot, I have carried it for a long time now, and I will continue to carry it.
However after talking to Will Ferrel (EDI) I went to a local store that carries the Gen and checked it out. Wow. It is ALOT smoother than the covert, also not nearly as much play in the blade. I plan to buy one in a not to long amount of time. If I had to buy one...with the cryteria that you stated you were going to use it for, I would have to go with the EDI.
As I said I will continue to carry the covert. It is a knife that was designed for defence, and the fact that I had a holster custom made to fit my HK and the covert may have something to do with that...but I will probly have the EDI on me more than the covert when I get one. Its that good.

Hope this helps!
I am a big fan of the Covert. In terms of feel, I liked it better than either the AFCK or SOCOM. I found the blade shape to be very versatile for a wide variety of utility uses. The cutting edge geometry is great on the single-edged version, and it cuts very efficiently.

The production quality on mine was superb, best production knife I've seen other than a Microtech or Sebenza. One disadvantage of the Covert is that the symetrical shape makes indexing a coin toss. There were a couple of occasions when I went to use the knife upsidedown and didn't realize it until I placed my thumb on the serrated portion of the blade instead of the spine. Not likely on a draw, but if you put the knife down after opening and then pick it up without careful.

Unless they changed the clip on the regular production models, it is actually a very low riding clip.

As far as serious defense goes...hmmmm. They both have all the inherent shortcomings of folding knives for defensive use. Both have quite strong handle construction. The tip of the single-edged Covert has a very small cross-section and Gerber is using the upper tempering range on the ATS-34 blades. To me that indicates that about 1/8" of the tip will be vulnerable to breaking under abuse of any kind. Might be a big deal, might not.

The Covert has the Inter-lock safety which, if you remember and have time to set it, is a significant reliability advantage over any liner lock without one.

I really think the strength and reliablity issues are a wash between the Covert and the Genesis. Pick the one you like the best. As far as defense goes, keep the limitations of either knife in mind.


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