Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Folder

I think that it feels great in my hand and is certainly large enough but till Gerber comes out with a plain edge version I'll pass.It's to bad cause I know alot of people who would like to see it come in plain edge also.
I love mine.It's very smooth and easy opening, and the lock seems extremely secure.I've "whacked" it, but by no means have I torture tested it.The Combat feels good in my hand and really snaps open with authority.It came sharp and has stayed so, though I haven't used it for much cutting. It is one of those knives with an attitude!

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I'm quite unhappy with mine. The liner lock is very weak and unreliable, which is particularly bad for such a heavy duty tactical knife; especially with sharpened top edge. Employing a different lock would improve the knife dramatically.
I have the flat V grind model and i like it very much. Though i tried to sell it at one point but somehow it manages to find it's way back. The built is strong with double S.S liner and Gerber's own fiberglass epoxy handles. The ergonomics is good and vertical grooves on the handles increases grip. There is no clip due to it's size(it's consider big with 51/2" closed) but the pouch provided holds it well. I suggest carrying it vertically for more comfort and 'out of the way'. The lock up is strong on my piece so i would advise checking before purchasing to avoid any unwanted 'closure'. My blade is bead blasted but you must oil it once in a while cause they have a tendency of rusting, but for me it's due to the climate that i'm in as well. So if you stay in a dry or cold weathered country, it'll hold up better.
The only thing that i wish they had change is a thicker blade, 1/8" is just not enough to justify it's strong frame. I hope this helps.
I love my AF & it has passed all of the liner lock tests w/flying colors; however, my experience does not seem to be universal. You may want to do some searches of the Knife Reviews as well as the old General Discussion forum for additional opinions of this model. As I recall, there were quite a few comments -- many of them negative -- regarding the AF's locking mechanism.

I suspect that Gerber had/has some serious QC issues w/this model -- some function as designed, while some do not. FWIW, this may not be a knife you want to buy online, sight unseen.



I carried one for about a year and never found it to be lacking. Its a tad large for pocket carry but you get used to it. If I were still carrying mine I would either get a Custom Kydex sheath for it or attach a pocket clip. The Lock on mine in very strong, but as others mentioned this isn't a universal trait. Mine is the single edged flat ground model and seems to be quite a bit more practical than the original double-bevel.
Probably the smoothest, most secure lockup of any folder I own. Feels great in the hand. Despite its size it's very easy to open AND close one-handed. I also like its little brother, the Covert. Same features but in a smaller package. Also comes with a patented feature that increases the security of the lockup. It has a clip (no sheath). Both very sharp right out of the box. Just love those things
Used to be my favorite knife. Great ergos, smooth action, and just plain cool looking. Then the top plastic strap on the sheath broke. Bummer. So I started just carrying it in my back pocket. Not as nice as the sheath but I figured it'd be ok until I had a nice kydex sheath made. Then I started logging onto BladeForums. I read Joe T.'s posts about liner lock failures and how to test your knives. The AF Combat Folder failed miserably. Just a moderate whack on the spine pops the lock open. Biggerbummer! I havn't carried that knife since. I use it to demonstrate to people the potential inadequacies of liner locks.

My hope is that Gerber will license the rolling lock or axis lock or come up with something similiar to use on a new version. Until then I can't recommend this knife.

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I can't stand mine. Although it's got great ergonomics, it came with a worthless edge out of the box, and I haven't been able to get it to take a decent edge since. I've relegated it now to my sharpening practice knife.