Gerber BMF

Dec 24, 2000
hey, this may be a dumb question but.... what is the story with the discontinued Gerber BMF's and what are they worth? reason for the question is that i have had one for a few years now and have never used it and would like to part with it now. it is unused and i have the original box with paper.

ps. sorry again for the dumb question but knives are not my cup of tea. i'm into military firearms and pretty much stay over on those boards. i would appreciate any response.


Jan 1, 1999
Killer, Gerbers recently discontinued BMF fix blades are still on the shelves of quite a few knife dealers I' ve visited. They were varying in prices but most were at around $119- $129 which is close or more than MSRP if I recall correctly. Additionally, there was a variant with a sawback spine. There are some who may be willing to pay those prices or higher. Depends on how much they really want them. At current, their collectors value on the market is not too high. But I' d expect that the retail price it sold for is a fair starting point.


PS- you may want to try to post it on the 4 sale forums, either for a listed price, a best offer, or even post it on the Trading Post. Good luck.