Gerber BMF

Oct 21, 1998
Does anyone here have a Gerber BMF that they have an opinion on?

I currently use an Ontario SP-10 Raider, but the Gerber looks good. Any suggestions on Bowies?

The Ontario Line features good quality knives for a really decent price.I to have a Ontario Carlson Raider style bowie and it is a work horse.A real beat up on kind of knife that goes the distance and because of the price you don't mind using it hard. When it dulls touch up is simple on a diamond stone and quick. You will pay at least triple for the Gerber BMF.Sure it looks better but will it perform any better? I can't say since I only have handled the Gerber and not really used it.But for the extra money I would look into a custom knife by someone like Ricky Fowler for an additional couple of bucks over the price of the Gerber or a Cold Steel Trailmaster.My opinion.

Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'm never gonna be satisfied, no matter what I have. (the grass is always greener, or is that the knife is always sharper?)

The only real problem I have with the Raider is the right(wrong), handed sheath.

Maybe, also, a version that's not powder coated.

Thanks again!

Hi Paul
Yeah I agree with you on the sheath.It's pretty funky combination of materials.About the only thing it has going is the O ring so it at least tilts,cause the Raider is one heavy knife. I thought of having a zydex sheath made but that costs about the same money that I paid for the knife so I guess I can live with the sheath it came with.The BMF has a Codura sheath that isn't much better then the Ontario one for that matter.
BMF sheath has a compass in a pouch and a built in sharpening stone.
I thought that Gerber had discontinued the BMF, their latest catalogue only shows the LMF??

I used to own both the BMF and LMF. Most of my first hand using experience is with the LMF. The neoprene type handle was very comfortable to hold. It provided sufficient cushion when using either knife as a chopper. The other nice thing about the handle material was it was VERY comfortable when cold and wet. I had one in my car when the temp dropped to 19 degrees below zero. The handle was NOT cold, even without gloves, to hold on to. Both knives have thick (1/4 in.?), heavy blades. I chopped quite a bit of wood with the LMF and it performed well, having sufficient weight to be a good chopper. The steel held a good edge but was easy enough to sharpen with a diamond hone. I was able to get them scary sharp. The sheath was decent. Lite weight and cabable of attaching to an ordinary belt, military webbing, backpack, etc. It had a quick release design, too.

I no longer have the knives but wouldn't hesitate to carry either one in the field.
I hope this helps. BTW, my BMF had the saw on the back of the blade. Pretty much worthless. Besides, it hung up when drawing the knife from the sheath.