Gerber camiliion (I wish I could spell today)

Apr 16, 1999
it is the Gerber with an axis lock.
it looks pretty neat but I will wait a while once the blade grows about 2 inches more
Since we're talking about it, how did Gerber get to use this name? Wasn't the Chameleon a semi-production done in a couple of variations (including the priciest Zytel knife ever) by Microtech and Butch Vallotton? I'm not real clear on the history of this knife - maybe an auto fan could elucidate. But I am certain the name is already in use.


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The pivot pin is the hole so you can't chop your finger off. Looks like a variation of the bolt lock which seemed to be the fore runner of the axis and rolling locks. Now if Gerber would use better steel and make it bigger it might prove to be something worth looking into IMHO. Gerber used to have a pretty decent product and they need to catch up with the rest of the companies making hi-tech folders.Now if they would throw a bolt lock on the AppleGate and offer it without those serrations "HHHMMM"
Sorry double post

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Razor, I thought the same thing when I first saw it. But the way I understand it the blade pivots AROUND the hole. I've never actually handled one and don't quite understand how this would work but thats what I've read about it.


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Even if the Gerber Chamelion could change colors I still wouldn't buy one. What an Ugly useless knife. Thats Ugly with a capital "U". Pick one up, I think you'll agree. If you do like it then we really have different tastes.
Well, I'd be the first to admit that folks' taste in knives is pretty much like their taste in members of the opposite sex -- everybody's got a particular "look" that they prefer. Same goes for cars, too, now that I think about it...

Yeah, it looks like a weird pos, but at least it is cheap!

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"...and it's cheap" is a compliment.

" least it's cheap" ain't.

Has anyone ever bought a knife because, hey, at least it's cheap?

I was checking one of these out the other day. Quite a piece of... novel thinking. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
The blade does indeed use the "hole" aka Finger guard/grip assist as the pivot. Actually... with your index finger inserted through the hole it would be next to impossible to cut it, of course you might still want to worry about those other three fingers..... but then isn't that a possibility with all folders? With you finger inserted through the hole your chances of your hand sliding up onto the blade when thrusting into somthing are greatly reduced. I would like to see it in a larger version with a little more blade. It ain't the prettiest think I've seen...But over-all not a bad $25.00 knife.
The handle is actually quite comfortable.
With a little work, the blade takes a very nice edge.
The serrations are exceptionally sharp.
The lock however, doesn't seem as positive as my old bolt action.
You have to give the release button a little extra push to
make it feel secure. It's a novel looking knife, but
I think they have to do some work on the lock-up.

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